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UPVC Doors - Common Problems and How to Cure Them:-

UPVC doors are by far the most common type of door in use throughout Orion windows Ireland. They are often thought to be maintenance free as they do not require painting or varnishing to maintain their appearance and water proof qualities. However UPVC doors can develop problems and if these problems are not rectified quickly they can develop into more complex and costly problems quite quickly. Let's have a look at the various problems that can occur on a UPVC door.
Door catches on side or bottom of frame.

UPVC doors are heavy and expand and contract with temperature changes. This means that the hinge can wear and the door can become misaligned with the frame. The easiest way to check if this has happened to your UPVC door is to look at the mitered joints at the corners of the door and the frame. If the miters do not line up then the door needs to be realigned with frame. Look at the hinges to see how to adjust the door to move towards or away from the hinge. If the bottom corner of the UPVC door is too low then the top hinge should be adjusted to move the door towards the hinge and the bottom one away from the hinge. Adjust the middle hinge to halfway between the top and bottom hinges. If you cannot get the door realigned with the frame then it will need to be 'toe and heeled' which involves repacking the panels within the frame to alter the shape of the door.

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