The Chasm

The Chasm is a cloud-based Lead Management Software that can handle leads and nurture them effectively through web forms, emails, chat and social media platforms. It will help the web administrator to qualify a single prospect and then recommend a sale in the enterprise business. The Chasm can accelerate the sales for a team and encourage them to qualify every prospect for realizing business sales.

App Features

The Chasm is built-in with powerful features for capturing the leads and to increase the customer aggregation. Basically with all its features the chasm is capable of Lead Tracking and sourcing it with the sales team quite efficiently. This tool will prove to be less time consuming while closing on a sales deal.

1. Cloud Based

It is totally a cloud-based lead management software that have the ability to acquire leads in the form of an email, chat, web application forms and social media.

2. Web admin Access

A powerful Web admin access dashboard for real-time monitoring the lead generation and qualify potential leads for the betterment of the Sales Team to establish a sale.

3. Lead Tracking

Lead Tracking is an essential feature present in the chasm for the sales team to perform their work effectively. It enables the tracking of a nurtured lead profile and aids in closing a deal successfully.

4. Customization

Easy customize the lead management process for the sales teams to clearly perceive the likelihood of a lead’s purchase more intuitively.

5. Secure
The Chasm is built to be highly secure that attributes to the moderate distribution of all leads and enables the business to capitalize on Lead Monetization.

6. Other Features

Our lead management solutions allow the flexibility of multiple user login access for any business to enhance their processes and improve sales exponentially.

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