Search Engine Optimization for Wix Websites.

✪ I'll Perform the following On-Site Search Engine Optimizations:
✔ Image Density;
✔ Image Alt Tags;
✔ H1, H2, H3 Tags;

✔ Missing Back-End Keywords;
✔ Loadspeed;
✔ Native English Meta Titles & Descriptions;
✔ SEO Friendly URLs;
✔ Above the fold dead-weight.

✪ Errors Fixed:
✔ Various 400 Errors;
✔ Title Tag Duplication;
✔ Country & Language targeting.

✪ Using Google Search Console I'll submit these to Google on your behalf:
✔ Sitemap;
✔ New URLs;
✔ Spam link disavow file.

✪Advice on less-obvious factors:
✔ Targeted by spam links but don't know it?
✔ Poor mobile experience holding you back?
✔ Content EAT (Expertise Authority Trust) issues.

✔ Your Medical/Food Supplement or Financial site being negatively affected by the Google Medic Update.

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